Grimm's Wooden Fish Rattle

Grimms Fish Rattleclick for more images

Grimm's, Spiel and Holz Design

This beautiful wooden fish rattle by Grimm's, Spiel and Holz Design is hand crafted in Europe. Grimm's base the development of their toys on the philosophy of Waldorf Education. Their wooden toys are designed to help children discover and develop their own creativity and sensory awareness with products that want to be touched again and again.

Wood is natural, regenerative and stimulates the senses. It has texture, sounds different and smells good. Bacteria cannot reproduce on wood. This all is not true for plastic or metal. All dyes used are water based and are non toxic, as is the natural oil used.

  • 12cm long
  • easy to hold
  • gentle sound
  • perfect for teething
  • 0 years plus
£13.00 including Tax

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