'The Hat' Holztiger Story Set

Share the beautifully illustrated story of 'The Hat' by Jan Brett with your child where you will discover Hedgie, the little hedgehog who gets one of Lisa's socks stuck on his head after it falls off the washing line, and the fun the other animals get up to trying to be just like Hedgie! After you have read the story together introduce your child to the different Holztiger animals who appeared in the story, help your child to recreate the story with the toys, then let them use their own imaginations to expand on the story as they become engrossed in their own magical world of play. Holztiger animals suitable for age 3+.

The Hat Story Set consists of:

  • 1 x Board Book 'The Hat' by Jan Brett (15.5cm x 12.5cm)
  • 1 x Holztiger Small Hedgehog (5cm x 3cm x 1.9cm)
  • 1 x Holztiger Hen (5.5cm x 1.9cm x 7 cm)
  • 1 x Holztiger Small Goose (5cm x 1.9cm x 6.5cm)
  • 1 x Holztiger Dog (12.3cm x 2.5cm x 9cm)
  • 1 x Holztiger Cat (6cm x 1.9cm x 6cm)
  • 1 x Holztiger Small Pig (8cm x 1.9cm x 4cm)
  • 1 x Holztiger Small Pony (8cm x 2.3cm x 10cm
£50.00 including Tax

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