Grimms Sparkle Mandala

This wooden Mandala creative puzzle is colouful, vibrant, and it sparkles! Made in Germany by Grimm's Spiel & Holz Design, this lovely set will inspire creativity in both adults and children (recommended for ages 3 years & up). Includes 44 thick wood blocks pieces in attractive blues, aquas and purple, with a hint of amber. Adding the "sparkle" are acrylic "stones" in complementary and contrasting colors, embedded into each solid wooden piece.

The block pieces can be arranged into an unlimited number of new patterns and designs, or used as building blocks to create structures, especially in combination with other wooden blocks sets from Grimm's. Consider adding Rainbow Friends people peg dolls and create sparkling castles or fantasy worlds! This is a free-form puzzle, as opposed to a traditional puzzle with a single "solution."

The aim of this and other Grimm's creative puzzles is to inspire imaginative thinking through play. Young and old alike will enjoy exploring unique ways to arrange the blocks into beautiful designs, patterns and structures. Working with this puzzle can be an invigorating, meditative, or relaxing creative process for all ages.

The blocks measure 2 cm in thickness, making the Glittering Mandala part of Grimm's large "2x2" building family, so the pieces combine seamlessly with any of the other smaller 2x2 block sets by Grimm's.

10.6 inches in diameter. Includes 44 pieces.

£94.95 including Tax

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