Grimm's Wooden Rainbow Bridge

This wonderful Rainbow Bridge by Grimm's Spiel and Holz opens up a myriad of imaginative play opportunities. Perfect for classic open-ended play, the Rainbow Bridge comes with six gently curved wooden arches in a rainbow of colors and varying sizes. Nest them together, stack them, or use them to make a road or bridges with little wheeled vechicles, turn them on their side and you can use them to make a marble run, enclosures for toy animals to play farm or zoo or to build creative structures.

No small parts on this toy means that there is no chocking hazards - use it as a beautiful decoration in your baby's nursery until they are old enough to play with it. Size: Bridge: 6"-16"L. Grimm's Handcrafted Wooden Toys: With simple designs and stunning colors, these long-lasting toys not only please the senses but also help children to develop their own creativity. Each piece is handmade in Germany from solid wood and hand finished with a nontoxic, lead-free water-based stain.

Please note: as Grimm's uses non-lacquered wood, some paint transfer can occur during play. This is considered normal. Non-lacquered wood has a lovely texture - the rough texture of the stained wood is not only an important tactile sensory experience for children, but those rough surfaces makes it possible to build in many more different ways, because the parts do not slide down so easily as the wood surface is still natural and not covered with a layer of bright enamel; however if you are concerned about paint transfer we suggest you purchase another item that is lacquered to be on the safe side.

Please note: Cars are NOT included

Age: 0+

Dimensions: 40cm x 9cm

£37.95 including Tax

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