Grimm's Fairy Tale Village

These fantastic building blocks open new possibilities in building and creating. These whimsical houses allow children to re-enact their favorite fairy tales. Plus, each house can be used as a dollhouse room and works wonderfully with other building blocks, creative puzzles and dollhouse dolls and furniture from the Grimm's range.

An outstanding characteristic of Grimm's building blocks is the rough surface which arises because of the use of dyes that infiltrates into the wood fibers, leaving a rougher, non glossy surface. The individual parts are dipped by hand into the dyes to preserve the positive characteristics of the wood. These block hold much better to each other while playing and building as they do not slip as easily. Grimm's products are made with alder, lime, beech and maple wood from sustainably managed forests. 17 pieces. Materials: hand painted lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain.

Please note: as Grimm's uses non-lacquered wood, some paint transfer can occur during play. This is considered normal. Non-lacquered wood has a lovely texture - the rough texture of the stained wood is not only an important tactile sensory experience for children, but those rough surfaces makes it possible to build in many different ways, because the parts do not slide down so easily as the wood surface is still natural and not covered with a layer of bright enamel; however if you are concerned about paint transfer we suggest you purchase another item that is lacquered to be on the safe side.

Dimensions: Blue House height 16cm, Rose Tower height 29cm, Forest House height 18cm.

Please note we do not currently dispatch this item to Northern Ireland.

£59.95 including Tax

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