Birthday Rings and Advent Spiral

Add a special touch to your celebrations with our wonderful birthday and advent rings by Grimms Spiel and Holz. The ornaments are interchangeable and the separate ring pieces allow you to choose how the decoration will be displayed.

Originally a German tradition for celebrating a young child's birthday, many families are now incorporating this simple but beautiful tradition at home. A tradition that children enjoy tremendously and one that will create special memories to cherish. This European tradition is a symbolic way to celebrate the anniversary of your child's birth and show reverence for each year of their life thus far.

In order to start you will need a Wooden birthday ring with 12 or 16 holes in it (each hole representing a year in your child's life), Birthday ring candles and brass candle inserts along with a wooden number to represent your child’s age, and figurines. You will light a candle for each year and the rest of the holes are decorated with wooden figures. The figures are used for decoration but could also be things that are meaningful to your child at that moment. You don't have to put this ring away when it is not someone's birthday. These wooden rings makes wonderful seasonal table decorations for the rest of the year. All Grimm's wooden birthday and advent rings, accessories and figurines are made in Germany by hand.

Rings and Spiral

Grimms Birthday and Advent Spiral
Grimms 16 Hole Birthday ring
Grimms Dark Green Branch
Grimm's Light Green Branch

Candles and Holder