Klean Kanteen 64oz (1900ml)

The 64oz Stainless Steel bottle - A Safe Alternative to Plastic

This is it, Klean Kanteen's biggest bottle. 64oz, 1900ml, half gallon, Growler, call it what you will but this baby holds a lot of fluid. The 64oz Klean Kanteen Classic is great for long car trips, camping, a late-night session at the office, a trip to the beach or any time you need to carry a lot of liquid and don't have the option of easy refills.

Just like every Klean Kanteen, the 64oz Classic bottle is made from recyclable, 18/8, food-grade stainless steel that's 100% BPA - and toxin-free. Klean Kanteen bottles don't need to be lined like some other metal bottles and don't retain or leach flavours either. So your drinks stay fresh and clean tasting far longer than in a bottle made from aluminium or low-quality stainless steel.
The large mouth makes it easy to throw in big stuff like ice cubes and quick to clean too - just scrub it out with soap and water or toss it in the dishwasher. No matter how many times you refill it, no matter what you put into it, the drinks in your Klean Kanteen Classic will stay fresh and tasty.

The Klean Kanteen Sports Cap 3.0

not leakproof

The 3.0 sport cap has a soft silicone spout and a silicone valve, this results in quieter performance, a higher flow rate, and more comfortable drinking! The caps are dishwasher safe - we recommend giving them a good rinse with diluted vinegar which will prevent any bacterial or mould growth. These caps do need replacing periodically, especially if the silicone spout is being repeatedly pulled open by the teeth which can cause tearing in the silicone over time. Made from polypropylene (pp#5) and silicone - free from BPA and toxins.

Please note that the 3.0 sports cap is NOT leak proof - if upside down on left lying on it's side water will drip out of the silicone valve.

For a completely leak-proof bottle opt for the stainless steel loop cap or the poly loop cap. For a bottle with a 100% stainless steel interior opt for the stainless steel loop cap.

For more details on the Klean Kanteen please see our FAQ or our Klean Kanteen page.

Protecting the paint on coloured bottles

When Klean Kanteen developed their coloured bottles, the most important thing was to find a safe and durable paint that also looked dynamite. They reviewed and tested dozens of different paints and selected an acrylic paint that contains no toxins or lead. Just like anything that's painted, it is possible to chip or scratch the paint on your coloured Klean Kanteen bottles. To prolong the life of your paint, hand wash your bottle and don't use abrasive agents to clean it. Please note coloured bottles and stainless caps are NOT dishwasher safe.

  • BPA free and Eco Friendly
  • Doesn't retain or leach flavours
  • Accommodates large ice cubes
  • Stainless finish is dishwasher safe
  • Polypropylene #5 sports or loop caps
  • Stainless steel loop or flat caps

  • Capacity 64 fluid ounces (1900ml)
  • Weight (w/o cap): 320 grams
  • Reusable and 100% Recyclable
  • High quality food grade #304 stainless steel
  • Size (w/o cap): 11.6" H(295mm) x 4.3" W (110)
  • Opening diameter: 1.75" (44mm)

£32.95 including Tax
Klean Kanteen Classic 64oz bottle
Klean Kanteen Classic Cap
1 × Klean Kanteen Classic 64oz bottle
1 × Klean Kanteen Classic Cap

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