Large Quick Cage by TwoFish Unlimited

Coated Large Quick Cage by TwoFish Unlimited

The Coated Steel Quick Cage is designed to travel.
Mount it anywhere to hold your Kanteen securely while protecting its natural or painted finish. Made for bikes of course, and compatible with the unexpected: ladders, lawn mowers, off-road vehicles, and even strollers.

  • Vinyl-coated stainless steel provides a quiet, secure fit that protects brushed and painted finishes
  • Mount the cage anywhere (bike, stroller, trailer, etc.)
  • Includes adjustable Velcro mounting strap, fits virtually any style of frame
  • Patent-pending Velcro and elastomer cinch design
  • Goes on and comes off with ease
  • Made in the USA by TwoFish Unlimited®
  • 40oz Classic, Wide, and Insulated Kanteens
  • Weight 6.5 ounces (184.3 g)
£34.95 including Tax

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