Modelling Clay

This toxin free children's modelling clay (a form of eco-placticine) by OkoNorm has a kaolin base and comes in 10 vibrant colours. It is soft and easy to knead, making it appealing to play with for young children – playing with this kind of clay is very valuable in helping develop co-ordination and muscle strength in the hands and fingers of young children, which can help with later skills such as gripping a pencil and writing. The clay is will not smear or stain and does not dry out. It can be stored for an unlimited period of time and remains soft and mailable.

Contents: mineral waxes, paraffin oil, purified natural chalk(kaolin), organic pigments

*note: the paraffin oil used in Oko-norm clay is not derived from petroleum - it is derived from lignite, which is a combustible sedimentary rock formed over millions of years from naturally compressed peat.

Weight: 220g
  • Made in Germany
  • Conforms to EU safety regulations for toys and carries the CE mark
  • Safe and Non-toxic
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts
£5.00 including Tax

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