Polished Butterscotch Baltic Amber Child's Anklet

Certified Genuine Baltic Amber

Our certified genuine Baltic amber anklets are handmade from natural high quality Baltic amber, by Lithuanian artists. Our Baltic amber anklets are individually knotted between each bead and secured with your choice of pop or screw clasp. As amber is a natural material the size, colour and shape of the amber beads will vary from anklet to anklet. For the full range please see our Child Amber page.

Raw amber should be avoided by eczema sufferers, opt for polished lemon instead.

How to measure and select the correct size

  1. Use a soft tape measure or piece of ribbon and a ruler.
  2. Take a snug measurement of your child's ankle.
  3. If required round up to the nearest measurement on our guide below (e.g if ankle measures 11.3cm round up to 11.5cm). Please note this is only required if you are in between the measurements on our chart.
  4. DO NOT ADD any further cm's to the measurement.
  5. Choose the size of anklet required corresponding to the snug ankle measurement taken using the table below.

PLEASE NOTE We will calculate the extra length required to ensure you receive an anklet which will fit perfectly - anklets measure approx 1cm longer than snug ankle measurement .

Size Guide
Snug Ankle Measurement Size
11.5cm Size 1
12cm Size 2
12.5cm Size 3
13cm Size 4
13.5cm Size 5
14cm Size 6
14.5cm Size 7
15cm Size 8
15.5cm Size 9
16cm Size 10
16.5cm Size 11
17cm Size 12

Product Safety and Testing

Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks have had their amber jewellery independently tested in the UK by an accredited laboratory. Our amber jewellery has been tested for chemicals and heavy metals, and passes EN71-3:2013 (Safety test for chemicals and heavy metals).

Please read about how to use and care for your Baltic amber here.

Our necklaces and anklets are not toys and are not sold with the intention of beign used as toys. Do not let children chew on them or play with them.

under 3 warning

EU Toy safety regulations EN-71-1 states necklaces and anklets are not suitable to use as toys for children under 36 months.

Children over 36 months are to wear under adult supervision.

£8.00 including Tax

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