Lunchbots Bento Lid Covers - Dots

Lunchbots Dots lids

Individualize your Bento LunchBots container

Making it easier to identify as your own with one of LunchBots colourful, BPA-free, snap on plastic covers.

These covers snap onto the outside of the lid of the rectangular shaped, Bento LunchBots stainless steel containers. As the plastic is on the outside of the lid it does not come into contact with the food inside, which is encased in a 100% stainless steel interior.
The cover is attached securely to the lid by clipping on, and can be washed in the dishwasher while attached. It is removable for occasional thorough cleaning.

Fits larger sized rectangular Uno, Duo, Trio & Cinco Bento style Lunchbots containers. Measures 6" x 8". Dishwasher safe.

Please note this plastic cover is not compatible with Classic or Pico sized Lunchbots

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£3.00 including Tax

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