The plastic-free lunchware line by ECOlunchbox are made to last using traditional, non-toxic materials: stainless steel and plastic-free silicone.
ECOlunchbox have created lunchware solutions are healthy for people and planet. What could taste better than that?
ECOlunchbox seek to educate and empower people to reduce their dependence on plastics, they're part of the plastic pollution solution.
ECOlunchbox are delighted to produce products that have empowered people to say goodbye to plastic at lunchtime! And in providing earth-friendly containers and accessories as tools to help people green their habits at lunchtime, they’re also opening people's thinking to moving beyond plastic in many other parts of their lives.

EcoLunchBox Oval + No-leak Mini ContainerEcoLunchBox Oval + No-leak Mini Container£22.00 including Tax
EcoLunchBox Solo CubeEcoLunchBox Solo Cube£19.00 including Tax
EcoLunchBox Solo RectangleEcoLunchBox Solo Rectangle£19.00 including Tax
EcoLunchBox Splash BoxEcoLunchBox Splash Box£22.00 including Tax
EcoLunchBox Splash PodEcoLunchBox Splash Pod£12.00 including Tax
EcoLunchBox Three in OneEcoLunchBox Three in One£22.00 including Tax
EcoLunchBox Tri BentoEcoLunchBox Tri Bento£22.00 including Tax